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NatureCeuticals specializes in the production of high quality herbal extracts for pharmaceutical applications. We source our herbs locally and around the world. All our herbal products have to pass strict quality control criteria as set by European Medical Agency, US FDA and the World Health Organisation. NatureCeuticals very own advanced testing laboratory carries out various types of regulatory testing. Every batch of herbal products that we receive and produce is meticulously screened for heavy metal and microbiological contamination. Our standardisation laboratory employs advanced analytical instrumentation to continuously monitor the quality of our products and raw materials. We also routinely test the effectiveness of products using advanced molecular biology techniques. To ensure product safety, all our herbs are pesticide and herbicide free.

Herbal Extracts

NatureCeuticals manufacturing facility produces herbal extract from various types of solvent system ranging from the typical water extract to ethanolic extract. Our advanced manufacturing technology helps to preserve the vital phytochemicals present in the herbal extracts we produce thus enhancing their medicinal properties.


Our range of herbal extracts includes the following:


Orthosiphon stamineus


Ficus deltoidea


Labisia pumila


Ocimum basilicum


Cosmos caudauts


Centella asiatica


Piper sermentosum


Gynura procumbens


Hibiscus Sabdariffa


Eurycoma longifolia


Clinacantus nutans


Cassia alata


Psidium guajava


Alpinia purpurata


Zingiber zerumbet


Cymbopogon nardus

We also have other types of herbal extracts available. Contact us to know more.

Products – Health Supplements

NatureCeuticals have a range of products and formula designed specifically for general health and for specific disease management and indications. Product availability is dependent on your country location. Contact us for more information.


Products Targeting Angiogenesis

Angiogenesis is a process of new capillary blood vessels development in the body. It is an important natural process in our body used for reproduction and healing. Our body regulates angiogenesis by releasing a precise balance of growth and inhibitory factors in healthy tissues. However when this delicate balance is perturbed , the consequence is either excessive or inadequate angiogenesis. This is recognized as the common trait underlying many life threatening and debilitating conditions, including cancer, skin diseases, age-related blindness, diabetic ulcers, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and many others. A verity of plant flavonoids  have been shown to have antiangiogenic activity. This may be beneficial for diseases that occur due to excessive angiogenesis. Recent studies have shown that inflammation and angiogenesis are biochemically linked. Hence consuming food products that have natural anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic activity may have enormous health benefits. Product that stimulates angiogenesis can help to facilitate wound healing, fertility , hair growth , mayocardial infarction recovery and many others.


Angiogenesis Inhibitors Products

Consuming products that have antiangiogenic activity may help in the management of ailments that is dependent on angiogenesis activity. NatureCeuticals has a range of antiangiogenic products that ranges from general health supplements to therapeutic medicinal drugs. Products that have antiangiogenic activity are marked as ANGIO (-) and are validated in our laboratory to inhibit angiogenesis. Products marked as ANGIO (- - -) have strong antiangiogenic activity and are available only for therapeutic application through a medical practitioner. Contact us for more information.


Canssu-5  Nano capsules

300mg (60 Capsules per bottle) ( ANGIO (-) and H-MET Formulation)


Canssufive Effeversence Beverage

250mg  sachet powder (30 Sachet per box)


Angiogenesis Promoters

The products that promotes angiogenesis are tagged as ANGIO (+). These products aid in the healing process to expedite recovery. These products can be useful for wound healing. Our proangiogenic product range can also aid in improving fertility. Our proangiogenic products are laboratory tested to ensure the promotion of vascular growth.


Cocoruan TM

Cocoruan is a combination of fermented virgin coconut oil with the fish extract of Snakehead fish. Cocoruan is available in soft gelatine capsules (250mg). Each bottle of Cocoruan TM contains 30 capsules .


Heal-T Skin TM

This product is a natural cream formulation that is designed to help wound healing that is free from artificial ingredient. The cream consists of fermented virgin coconut oil, honey and Snakehead fish extract.


Kidney and Bladder Health Products


Nephro-Protex TM

This product is based on our extensive laboratory studies on a traditionally used herb for maintaining healthy kidneys. Clinacanthus nutans is a well established Chinese herbal medicine that has been shown to be useful in maintaining kidney health. Nephro-ProtexTM is a specially formulated extract of Clinacanthus nutans that is well absorbed by the body and 10 times more potent than the traditional preparation.



UREEZE TM is a specially formulated herbal beverage that contains standardized water extract of cat whiskers herb. The herb is standardized to contain the powerful flavonoid sinensetin. This herb is used to ease urinary tract infection and maintaining bladder health. UREEZE TM is available in capsule and sachet powder formulation as a herbal beverage. UREEZE TM sachet powder is fortified with baking soda to help to improve its medicinal property. UREEZE TM sachet powder is specially formulated with NatureCeuticals ProTasteTM herbal taste enhancement technology to provide a tantalizing taste to this otherwise bitter herbal product.


Products for Healthy Blood Profile


NatureCeuticals Blood Cleanser TM

NatureCeuticals Blood Cleanser TM is scientifically designed to maintain healthy blood pressure and sugar level as well as cholesterol and blood uric acid level. The product contains a unique extract that is derived from Orthosiphon stamineus herb. NatureCeuticals Blood Cleanser TM can help to protect vital organ and tissue from free radical damage caused by unhealthy blood metabolic profile. It is designed to complement dietary and lifestyle interventions to support healthy glucose metabolism and glycaemic control. NatureCeuticals Blood Cleanser TM can help to maintain normal blood sugar levels, enhance carbohydrate metabolism, reduce risk of blood sugar and pressure imbalance and deregulation.


Products for Sports Enhancement and Male Libido



ISO-ALITM is a specially formulated beverage that contains 30mg of standardized water extract of Eurycoma Longifolia root extract. IsoALITM is fortified with isotonic salts that aids in replenishing lost electrolytes. It helps to increase stamina and provides long lasting energy. IsoALITM  is specially designed for athletes and those involved in physically challenging tasks.  ISO-ALITM is available in sachet powder and liquid form.



This product contains 100 mg Eurycoma Longifolia extract. EFFER-ALITM is an effeversence formulation in powder sachets to be dissolved in 250 ml of liquid. The product uses NatureCeuticals patented formulation technology that can transform the extreme bitter taste of Eurycoma Longifolia into a pleasant tantalising beverage.


BIO-Enhanced Tongkat Ali TM

This product was developed using nanotechnology approach to increase the absorption of Eurycoma Longifolia. BIO-Enhanced Tongkat Ali consist of 400mg standardised extract of Tongkat Ali with 2.4% Eurycomanone in capsule form.


Products for Weight Management



NatureCeuticals has developed its own unique weight management product based on years of intensive research. The product can help to suppress key enzymes that are involved in fat absorption and fat cell formation. SlimineusTM contains a unique blend of herbal extracts that is useful in weight management. SlimineusTM is available in sachet powder and capsule form.


Cancer Care Products

NatureCeuticals core strength is developing herbal supplement products for cancer patients. Patients suffering from cancer disease have a range of health complications hence they require products that are specific to their needs. NatureCeuticals team of researchers have been embarking on extensive research for more than a decade on herbal products for cancer applications . The company conducts a number of clinical trials around the world on cancer patients. If you would like to be a participant in our clinical trials please contact us for more information.


Canssu 5 nano TM  Capsules

Canssufive TM Effeversence Beverage



Products for Eye Care
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Products for Liver Detox
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Products for Cognitive function
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Products for Healthy Joints
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Products for Skin Care
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Products for Cough & Cold
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