Manufacturing Technologies

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NatureCeuticals owns a custom made state-of-the-art manufacturing facility employing advanced European engineering technologies. Our facility is specially designed to handle herbal products for pharmaceutical requirements. NatureCeuticals facility is built to conform to USFDA cGMP requirements. NatureCeuticals herbal manufacturing plant is located in the state of Kedah in Northern region of Malaysia. NatureCeuticals also has affiliated manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia that is certified by Australian Therapeutic Goods (TGA) administration. Our current extraction facility can produce close to 2 tons of herbal extract per month



Formulation Technology

H-MET TM (Herbal Molecular Encapsulation Technology ) is NatureCeuticals proprietary formulation technology that enhances the absorption of phytochemicals present. This nanotechnology approach helps to increase the potency of herbal products. This helps to maximize the potency of herbal products to give optimal health benefits to our customers.

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NEOVASTOP™ is a proprietary angiogenesis inhibition validation method developed by NatureCeuticalsTM R&D division. This method comprises of a battery of cutting edge analytical and molecular biology technologies that are used in house to validate the angiogenesis modulation activity in products developed the company. Each batch of herbs harvested from our farms is thoroughly screened to ensure the presence of active compounds with anti-angiogenic activity at the predetermined cut-off level. Products validated with NEOVASTOP™ are guaranteed to be antiangiogenic to attain all the health benefits for this type of pharmacological activity.

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PROTASTE™ is a taste masking technology to improve the palatability of herbal products particularly in the form of beverage. NC’s unique approach helps to mask unpleasant bitter taste of herbal products. This helps to increase compliancy to supplement herbal health products. NatureCeuticals specializes in the development and formulation of botanical effervescence beverages. Effervescence formulation has the advantage of being more bio-available which therefore increases the absorption of active phytonutrients. This helps the body to attain maximum benefits from herbal products. For herbal products that have unpleasant bitter taste, our proprietary bitter masking formulation PROTASTE™ helps to improve product palatability. Our product ranges from general health beverages to supplement for maintaining optimum health naturally.


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NatureCeuticals is a research driven company. Currently the company is embarking in a number of clinical trials around the company. Due to its unwavering faith in research, NatureCeuticals has established its very own private but not for profit research centre. EMAN Research ( is an international research centre that focuses on herbal drug development. The research centre is fully supported by NatureCeuticals with a team of scientist around the world. NatureCeuticals collaborate with a number of leading research universities around the world through this research infrastructure. The company also provides scholarships for MSc and PhD candidates.